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Silverado casino: features overview

Nevada is traditionally a state, legislation in which does not create almost any problems for opening gambling establishments. In many cities, there are casinos that try to meet the highest requirements of pretty spoiled gamblers visiting Nevada. But of course, the “king of gambling” – Las Vegas, is of greatest interest to any gambler. The city literally never falls asleep. Hundreds of people make sure that players who come to the capital of gambling are comfortable and want to return here again. There are noisy concerts of world pop stars, and mind-blowing shows of magicians, and noisy parties … What can attract casino gambling lovers located in the same city as the capital of world casinos? Well, first of all, peace and quiet. Silverado casino is a good opportunity to relax with your family, with your children, parents or just with your spouse in the small town of Fernley, famous for its excellent nature. We will talk about the remaining features of this casino further.

Restaurants and snack options

Of course, gamblers who travel from state to state know that it is important not only the good quality of the gameplay in the casino, but also the quality of service. The quality of restaurants plays an important role in the desire to visit a city by players. After reviewing user reviews about Silverado casino review, we can conclude that in this city, as well as in restaurants operating at the casino, excellent cuisine. Some players even stated that they visit Silverado casino from year to year only because of the excellent local cuisine. Particularly worth highlighting are the stunningly delicious pies of Fernley. At the same time, some visitors to The Ranch House, a restaurant located near the casino, complain about the high cost of the restaurant. Many players did not like the fact that even cups of tea cannot be ordered in the casino itself, which significantly limits the time spent at the gambling table. Especially the casino restaurants will appeal to non-smoking visitors, as this institution is well isolated from the street and from the restaurant, and it is forbidden to smoke tobacco in it.

Games and maintenance

Silverado casino offers a wide selection of gambling, including the following features:

  • Game in gaming slots – the most popular and highly praised gamblers from around the world in this casino version of the game. After examining the comments, you can understand that even players from the UK like to visit this institution, only because of the high quality of the gaming machines;
  • Board games – include a number of popular entertainments among gamblers, including the most popular board game – poker;
  • Roulette – a real land-based casino can`t exist without it.
  • Other games.

Absolutely all players emphasize the friendliness of the city’s population, as well as the fact that the staff is very responsive, helps in solving all the problems that arise. Perhaps this is the perfect place for gamblers who hate tobacco smoke, as there are very few such casinos in the Western USA. This city is also easily accessible both by plane and by car. The city has all the conditions for a family holiday, which is very important.


There are no problems either. Although the city is small, the hotel accommodates almost everyone who wants it, although some problems may arise in the short-term peak season, but these problems can be solved. So those who want to stay for a few days or weeks in this town should not worry about living.


Silverado casino is one of the most peaceful places for the development of the gambling business, as well as for lovers of land-based casinos and family vacations. If you are a fan of noisy companies, concerts and places where you can smoke tobacco and enjoy puffs of smoke, then this place is not for you. Slot machines are the best offer among all the games in this casino. So, if you are a non-smoking player who loves peace and quiet during the game, and also prefers slot machines, then feel free to drive the car and go to Nevada!

Silverado Casino is located in Fernley, Nevada and is open 24 hours a day. The casino’s 13,000 square foot gaming space includes 279 slot machines. The hotel has one restaurant.

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