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Casino Night Zone is a place in the Sonic the Hedgehog series, which primarily had been shown in Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Situated on the West Side Island. The city is always visible at night in bright electric colors.

Description of the zone

The casino night zone takes place in the huge, vast casino city at night. Las Vegas Strip was the inspiration for the background and theme of the Zone. In the background are numerous buildings that emit a lot of bright electric colors, and even further in the background appear the lines of skyscrapers. The dark gold area of the place is very detailed and has neon colors. Along with many colorful details, there are small rotating Sonic and Tails icons decorating it. The earth here is covered in red and blue layers.

The sections in the design of Zone levels are largely based on pinball tables. Thus, there are a huge number of halls in which game characters can be used as live pinball.

Slot machines

Slot machines are formed on a real machine, although usually they only have reels with the trademarks of the slot machine inside the device or frame. They are usually found in casinos or similar theme areas.

Casino night zone Slot machines are being active when the gambler inserts itself into the slot or slot for the ball on the slot machine. Then the reels on the gaming machine will begin to rotate, and the player must correspond various symbols on the reels and at the appropriate time must stop then. Casino night zone music and sound effects are just great and make the gambling process more thrilling.

When it can be seen in the game?

Sonic the Hedgehog – first appeared in Casino Night Zone is the fourth zone in the game. The design of the levels is slightly different and is based on neon colors. This night zone is presented as slot machine tricks in a series where a player can score hundreds of rings if luck is on the gambler’s side to catch the appropriate combinations.

Sonic and his friends go back to “pinball paradise” during the 2nd Chaos Grand Prix at Sonic Drift 2. Casino Night considers being the 4th track of the Purple Grand Prix (Purple is the easiest of the three tournaments available). Here there is a necessity to go through three laps of the track, and the fastest rider will receive the Chaos Emerald.

Moreover, the game Sonic the Fighters firstly was presented in the Casino Night zone. This is the place where the gambler takes into consideration the Fang the Sniper. If a gambler acts like Fang, Dr. Eggman attacks and makes him a clone. After they have an amazing victory, the gambler gets the purple Chaos Emerald. There are many neon lights in the arena, including an emerald in the middle.

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